What is Automated Mixing?

Automated Mixing differs from the conventional Open Casting process primarily in that a machine operator and a computer control the more critical production processes instead of a plastic technician. Under automated mixing, a mixing machine is loaded with resin and curative in several heated tanks in the machine. The mixing machine is programmed by the operator to control the temperature, the vacuum, the agitation, the mixing and dispensing of the ready to pour urethane. The plastic technician then goes to the machine to retrieve material, pours this mixture into molds and demolds the parts when ready.

Benefits of urethane molding by Automated Mixing vs Open Cast molding:

  • Consistency- Since the process under Automated Mixing is controlled by a computer, the physical properties are more consistent from part to part under this production method.
  • Cost-Efficient- Automated Mixing is normally more cost-effective on high volume parts and parts requiring large volumes of material.


For more than 50 years, ESCO Plastics has been committed to manufacturing high-quality, reliable, and affordable molded urethane products for manufacturers worldwide. Our team of expert engineers and trained technicians are focused on providing only the best and most consistent cast urethane parts.

Therefore, we employ advanced technology and automated mixing in our proprietary urethane production process to expertly blend materials and efficiently produce uniform parts to your specifications, based on ESCO Plastics’ precise formulas.

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