Polyurethane Mining Products

Mining is a rigorous and multi-step process that requires its equipment to be durable in order to ensure maximum uptime and productivity. Urethane elastomers are effective solutions for a broad range of demanding mining applications. At ESCO Plastics, we understand that every step in the mining process from aggregate extraction and sorting to bulk material processing and transporting requires high-quality materials to protect against damage and wear and tear.

Custom Urethane products

Benefits of using custom urethane parts for your mining equipment

  • Reliable, long-lasting
  • Affordable, budget-friendly
  • Strong, damage-resistant
  • Moisture-repellant
  • Chemical resistant

Why choose ESCO Plastics?

You can count on ESCO Plastics to deliver premium urethane products for your mining application on time and to your specifications. Our large-scale operation in Magnolia, TX is well-equipped to manage your extensive projects, and our team of engineers is committed to innovation — available to partner with you on R&D initiatives. Contact us today to discuss your custom needs.