Urethane Stripper Rubbers

Out in the field, safety comes first.

Keep your drilling operation safe and secure by using high-quality, long-lasting urethane stripper rubbers manufactured by ESCO Plastics.

Stripper rubbers are inserted into rotating control devices (RCD) to form a fluid-tight seal around the varying outer diameters of drill pipe.

High-quality urethane stripper rubbers manufactured by ESCO Plastics rotate with the drillstring, and divert drill cuttings, fluids, and potentially dangerous gases away from the rig, providing a safe and clean drilling environment.

Providing the polyurethane product you need

ESCO Plastics’ urethane stripper rubbers are expertly engineered and skillfully manufactured to ensure they meet your exact specifications and withstand the challenging demands of the oil and gas industry.

Durable, reliable urethane rubber strippers manufactured by ESCO Plastics provide solid, safe seals. Made from abrasion-resistant urethane, stripper rubbers from ESCO Plastics are manufactured to last.

ESCO Plastics manufactures several types of high-quality stripper rubbers for use in the oil and gas industry:


  • Top drive
  • Kelly drive
  • Workover

Drill pipes size

Between 2 inches and 8 inches

Featuring the quality you depend on

ESCO Plastics manufactures consistently high-quality parts. Our rigid quality control programs and quality assurance criteria minimize bubbles and other imperfections. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to provide complex tooling and deliver the quality parts you require.

When your application relies on high-quality molded urethane components, you can count on ESCO Plastics to deliver the best materials. ESCO Plastics’ urethane stripper rubbers are:

  • Strong
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Wear-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable

For more than a half-century, ESCO Plastics has manufactured the highest quality urethane parts in the market.

Our durable, reliable components will:

  • Significantly extend the service life of your equipment
  • Drastically decrease your downtime for repairs
  • Considerably cut your maintenance costs

Substantially increase your operation’s productivity

Delivering the service you deserve

ESCO Plastics supplies the highest quality polyurethane products in the field. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to provide the durable, reliable urethane components you need.


  • Operating for more than 50 years.
  • Utilize comprehensive industry knowledge to manufacture high-quality products.
  • Offer prompt, professional delivery.


  • Founded by LSU graduate chemist, Doug Marchand, one of the pioneers in the cast urethane industry.
  • Dedicated experts work diligently to improve and enhance our products.
  • Trained sales professionals committed to providing exceptional customer service, especially in the oil and gas industry.


  • Automated production and metering machines ensure repeatability.
  • One of the largest and leanest urethane manufacturing operations in Texas.

ESCO Plastics is your perfect polyurethane parts partner. Contact us today at 281-443-3710 and request a quote!