Urethane Isolators

From automobiles to industrial tools, machines are composed of parts designed to move smoothly. Vibration causes premature wear, or worse, complete failure, which can lead to subpar performance, unwanted downtime, or significant safety risks.

Improve application performance with urethane isolators from ESCO Plastics. We specialize in manufacturing custom urethane products that absorb shocks, impacts, and vibrations in demanding environments.

What Are Urethane Isolators? 

These are parts manufactured from urethane designed to prevent damage from vibration. They accomplish this by isolating the vibration source, decreasing the vibration strength and frequency. Taking control of vibration offers an array of benefits:

  • Improves Product Quality
  • Prolongs Equipment Lifespan
  • Reduces Wear
  • Increases Safety
  • Lowers Noise

Urethane is a versatile elastomeric compound. It offers an array of advantages over other materials for custom vibration-isolating parts.

  • Resists Abrasion
  • Very Flexible
  • Bears Weight
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Stands Up To Chemicals
  • Resists Water
  • Withstands Friction
  • Not Brittle
  • Resilient To Sunlight
  • Superior Hydrolytic Stability
  • Resists Impacts
  • Dampens Sound
  • Doesn’t Tear Easily
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures
  • Available In a Variety of Color Pigments

Your Source For Polyurethane Vibration Isolators

ESCO Plastics is a leading provider of urethane isolators in custom shapes and sizes for commercial and industrial applications. While we can create cast urethane isolators for orders of any size, our specialty is high-volume or repeat production runs.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. We work with you to create high-quality urethane vibration isolators using a multi-step, consultative approach.

  • Concept Realization
  • Tooling Design and Manufacture
  • Sample Part Creation
  • Part Inspection And Approval
  • Full-Scale Production

With decades of casting experience, ESCO Plastics has become a trusted urethane vibration isolator manufacturer for clients across many industries. Examples include:

  • Oil And Gas
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM
  • Material Handling
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Die Cutting
  • Food Processing
  • Process Automation

Start Your Cast Urethane Isolator Project Today

It’s no secret that vibration control is essential for the success of all types of machinery. We at ESCO Plastics are the experts at casting custom urethane parts capable of isolating vibration.

Give us a call to learn more about cast urethane isolators. Our team is happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.