Polyurethane Tensile Testing

Tensile strength is the maximum amount of stress (normally measured in pounds per square inch, or psi) needed to stretch a material to its breaking point.  Tensile testing is done by cutting a dumbbell-shaped piece of urethane from an .080” thick sheet.  This dumbbell is then attached to a machine that slowly stretches the material.  The machine measures the stress in psi as the material is stretched longer and longer.  At the point when the material breaks, the stress at this breaking point is called the material’s “tensile strength”.


What are the Benefits of Urethane Tensile Testing? 

Tensile testing provides data on the integrity and safety of materials, components, and products and helps us to ensure that your finished products are fit-for-purpose and manufactured to the highest quality. 

The data provided by a tensile test can be used in many ways including: 

  • Determining batch quality 
  • Verifying consistency in manufacturing 
  • Informing the design process 
  • Reducing material costs and achieve lean manufacturing goals 
  • Ensuring compliance with international and industry standards 


At ESCO Plastics we measure to ASTM D412 testing standards. 


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