OEM Urethane Parts

Custom polyurethane replacement parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are our specialty at ESCO Plastics. Our expert team of design technicians and engineers have decades of experience meeting the toughest OEM requirements and are equipped and ready to help you design, fabricate, and produce the specific parts you need.

Our fully integrated production facility and systematic development process enable us to accommodate and adapt as needed to provide design and engineering services and create custom parts made in a variety of formulations, colors, and durometers. OEMs rely on ESCO to manufacture durable, high quality, and consistent cast polyurethane products and replacement parts that play an essential role in equipment uptime.

ESCO has been in the urethane casting business for more than 50 years and it’s this experience that allows us to understand, anticipate, and respond to the needs of OEMs. Our more than 40,000 square-foot facility in Magnolia, TX was designed for lean, turnkey operations and to accelerate our ability to provide dependable and predictable product manufacturing and offer efficient and reliable turnaround times.

Contact us today at 281-443-3710, to discuss your OEM product needs and perhaps schedule a visit.