Urethane Chemical Compatibility

Urethanes are compatible with and perform very well against many chemicals and solvents. ESCO Plastics uses high-quality materials from leading suppliers to ensure the durability and resistance of the urethane molded parts and products that will be exposed to chemicals.  

Chemical, Solvent and Oil Resistance of Urethane

The chart below assesses the adaptability and compatibility of urethane in relationship to a variety of other common substances. 


Chemical  ( A = Excellent  B = Good C = Poor )


Acetic Acid, 20%  B 
Ammonium Hydroxide Solutions  A 
ASTM Oil #1 (70°C/158°F)  A 
ASTM Oil #3 (70°C/158°F)  B 
Calcium Hydroxide Solutions  A 
Carbon Monoxide  A 
Cottonseed Oil  A 
Ethylene Glycol  B 
Freon – 11  B 
Freon – 12  A 
Gasoline  A 
Hydrochloric Acid, 20%  B 
Isopropyl Ether  B 
Lubricating Oils  B 
Mineral Oil  A 
Potassium Hydroxide Solutions  B 
Sodium Hydroxide, 20%  A 
Sulfuric Acid, 5-10%  C 
Tartaric Acid  B 
Trisodium Phosphate Solutions  B 
Xylene  C 


Urethane is an excellent material solution for a broad range of essential parts.  

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