Cast Urethane Seals

Cast polyurethane seals are designed and made for durability and are an ideal choice for use in high-stress, challenging functions.

 At ESCO Plastics, you can rely on our cast molded urethane seals to deliver the following benefits:

  • Flexibility and strength that produces impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance that outperforms other materials under severe conditions
  • Oil and chemical resistance, able to maintain stability in oil and water
  • Affordability to manufacture
  • Resilience that absorbs shock and rebounds quickly

Common Cast Urethane Seal Applications

Cast polyurethane seals are often used in bulk material transfer systems, hydrostatic testing, liquid transfer systems, nondestructive testing, automotive, and hydraulics.

 At ESCO, we manufacture a variety of long-lasting seals including:

  • Custom urethane seals used for testing seals as well as in mobile hydraulics, industrial products, machining services, and gas fittings
  • Tight tolerance urethane seals such as pipe seals, cast urethane seals, and urethane spray nozzles
  • Abrasion-resistant urethane seals that are used to tolerate extreme conditions, easily molded shaft seals that are used for their maximum sealing properties, and slider valve seals that can offer tight tolerance
  • Wear-resistant urethane seals such as piston seals, u-cup seals, valve seals, and high-pressure seals

We can provide polyurethane seals and in a variety of colors, and with average durometers of 70A or 95A, or with customized durometers available to meet your project requirements.

In business for more than 50 years, the ESCO Plastics team is ready to create custom polyurethane seals tailored to meet your unique specifications, contact us today at 281-443-3710.