Vertebral Bend Restrictors and Riser Clamps

Keeping your underwater cables free from damaging kinks and crimps is critical to operating your offshore oil facility safely and smoothly.

ESCO Plastics designs, develops and delivers high-quality, long-lasting polyurethane vertebral bend restrictors (VBRs) and urethane riser clamps ideal for use in the offshore oil industry.

ESCO Plastics’ polyurethane vertebral bend restrictors and riser clamps are expertly engineered and skillfully crafted to ensure they meet your exact specifications.


For more than a half-century, ESCO Plastics has manufactured the highest quality polyurethane parts in the field.

Our durable, reliable components will:

  • Significantly extend the service life of your equipment
  • Drastically decrease your downtime for repairs
  • Considerably cut your maintenance costs
  • Substantially increase your operation’s productivity

With our vast industry experience and technical expertise, ESCO Plastics’ dedicated professionals work closely with you to configure and supply unique polyurethane products completely tailored to meet your needs.

Providing the product you need

Polyurethane vertebral bend restrictors (VBRs) prevent submerged cables used on offshore oil operations from bending and buckling at extreme angles.

Riser clamps secure underwater lines or cables to a drilling riser.

In the past, VBRs and riser clamps were constructed of metal and were heavy. Today, VBRS and riser clamps are manufactured of high-performance polyurethane, making them almost neutrally buoyant.

To create our high-performing, durable, and reliable VBRs and riser clamps, ESCO Plastics uses polyurethane that blends the best qualities of steel, plastic, and rubber into one material.

When your application relies on high-quality molded urethane, you can count on ESCO Plastics to deliver the best materials. ESCO Plastics’ polyurethane parts are:

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Wear-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Perform in the harshest environments

Delivering the service you deserve

ESCO Plastics supplies the highest quality polyurethane products in the field. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to provide the durable, reliable urethane components you need.


  • Operating for more than 50 years.
  • Strong track record of quality products and timely delivery.


  • Founded by LSU graduate chemist, Doug Marchand, one of the pioneers in the cast urethane industry.
  • Dedicated experts work diligently to improve and enhance our products.
  • Trained sales professionals committed to providing exceptional customer service, especially in the oil and gas industries.


  • Automated production and metering machines ensure repeatability.
  • One of the largest and leanest urethane manufacturing operations in Texas.

ESCO Plastics is your perfect polyurethane parts partner. Contact us today at 281-443-3710 and request a quote!