5 Reasons Your Company Needs Urethane Castings

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There are many excellent reasons for your company to choose urethane castings over other material options, and today we will look at five of those reasons. Molded urethane parts offer a unique array of benefits, such as abrasion resistance, reduction of noise, excellent tear strength, and the ability to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. ESCO Plastics produces the best polyurethane parts for all of your business needs. Call today and place your order for high-quality, custom molded urethane parts.


The finish on your product matters. Whether you are concerned about a client-facing product, or you simply prefer for your product to have a high-quality cosmetic finish, molded urethane parts can deliver the best appearance for your needs compared to a variety of other processes. Sometimes you simply need your parts to have the standard, smooth finish, and other times you want them to have a custom finish with details such as hardware installations, or painting. When you are ready to choose polyurethane products, ESCO Plastics is your source for high-quality custom molded urethane parts.


For coloring consistency or specific, custom color options, molded urethane parts excel at providing the exact tone and shade you need. In addition, urethane parts can also be made with clear, black, and PMS/RAL color matching, which is much harder to achieve through processes such as 3D printing or machining. The RAL color system is primarily used in Europe to coordinate exact color matches. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) also allows for exact color matches and is used in the United States. At ESCO, we are able to use charts that essentially translate the code from one system into the other system so that we can provide the exact color that you are looking for in your molded urethane parts.

Size Variation

Regardless of the size you need, molded urethane parts can be made to fit your specifications without sacrificing quality, performance, or details. Whether you need relatively small pieces or large parts, urethane can be molded to your exact specifications in all areas. At ESCO Plastics, once we have created a sample part and received your confirmation that design specifications were perfectly matched, we can then run a large-scale production of your parts to give you the quantity that you need. You can rest assured that each part will be identical to the first for perfect fit and performance every time.

Flexible Material

One of the best features of molded urethane parts is that the level of hardness or flexibility is completely up to you. They have a high tear resistance, which makes them much more durable than many other products available on today’s market. We can match the specific durometer that you require so that the level of flexibility and hardness in each urethane part perfectly matches the parts you need to replace.

Endless Options

Molded urethane parts can be customized in a number of ways, including parts such as inserts, over-molds, and other hardware. If your business requires parts that can perform well in harsh weather or when exposed to chemicals, then we can add mix-ins that will help them live up to their demands.

At ESCO Plastics, we understand the importance of producing only the highest-quality molded urethane parts for our clients. Quality control has significant value for us, so we make sure that the product we make for you today is the exact same product you’ll receive from us the next time you place an order. Call today to speak with one of our specialists to see what molded urethane parts we can create for you.